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A good design begins well before the actual design phase. To give it impact and make it sing, you need to be a craftsman. Think of it this way: Anyone with a hammer can nail four legs to a flat board and make a table. But a custom table from a master craftsman will fit your family, your room, your holidays, and your life. Both processes begin with thoughtful communication about goals, ideals, needs and deadlines. (Just as you don’t want your new table the day after Thanksgiving, you don’t want your new website to launch after your new product.) From there, we can select the right materials and approach. Finally, we’ll work together to create a design that communicates the spirit and goals of your company.

I bring the same attentive care to my work that other artisans bring to theirs; each project is carefully and thoughtfully shaped according to your unique specifications. The result is something custom-made, easy to use and seamlessly linked to your company and brand. If the rest of your house is furnished in antiques, you don’t want an industrial chic table, no matter what the people down the block ordered. I can help you stay true to your company’s style and stakeholders.

Now let’s talk deadlines. Really – let’s talk. Because once I know your goals and timeframe, I can help you figure out how to get there with a minimum of stress and a maximum of satisfaction. I bring years of experience, sharp ears and an open mind to each project, which means a faster workflow and an easier process for everyone involved. I’ll work with you to deliver something stunningly innovative and innovatively stunning – a true marriage of form and function, as all the best craftsmanship is. Contact me so we can discuss how I can add value (and eliminate headaches) for your next project.



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