Agency-Level Work With a Personal Touch

I spent many years on your side of the desk, vetting and managing creative talent. And after a couple decades wrangling freelancers, getting my ego massaged by agencies, and hearing about the Next Big Thing, I know that it’s about the fundamentals, not the flash.

Reliable, high-quality work shouldn’t have to come with a reliably high price tag. Agencies are valuable pools of talent and resources but why pay for layers of personnel you never need? “Just in case” makes a lousy business strategy. Nimbleness, however, makes a great one. And so I stripped out the bureaucracy and bloated overhead, kept the top-notch skills, and added a deep bench of contacts I can recommend when your needs outpace even my efficient habits. The result: agency-level work with a personal touch.

As the principal and creative director at Paul Compton Design, I know that good design is a process that starts with strong communication, careful listening and thoughtful planning. I believe in making this process as constructive, collaborative and timely as possible, in order to deliver work that doesn’t merely meet your needs, but exceeds your expectations. Contact me so we can discuss how I can add value (and eliminate headaches) for your next project.


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